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Yo Maps Is Famous Than Nasty C Namadingo


Yo Maps should be respected in Zambia, says Namadingo!Malawian singer Patience Namadingo commented on a post comparing South Africa’s Nasty C to Yo Maps.

He wrote;

Yo Maps has made it among his people and slowly going out beyond Zambia. In my opinion Yo Maps is more famous among his people than Nasty C is famous in Zambia. Yo Maps must be respected as we comment and enjoy the Interaction on this post. For him pulling such numbers considering he is not yet out there as Nasty C is. It means Yo boy has really made it among his own People

If Nasty C is pulling same numbers as Yo boy, when he is known across the world that must tell you something. If Yo Maps and all these international artists you are praising here had the same opportunities, airplay on those leading Worldwide networks and a good economy, as well as numbers (country population) of where he comes from be rest assured he would beat them by far. Population, Economy and the networks that are controlled by your people contribute to how far you can go. Yo Maps has done a great job and so many of our people have done before him.

Our crime has been our numbers, our economy and more. Our Talents are as good and even far much better than what is on top from other countries known as developed countries.
We may have our internal differences but the fact remains Yo Maps has made it in Zambia and made good Music for Zambians in their own language and speaking to their hearts than Nasty C in Zambia.
Don’t compare our heroes with their heroes.. it has not been easy.
I never comment on such issues. But so many Zambians in the comment section not just comparing but disrespecting their own Champ. Yo Maps is your Man.

He is your representation of what Zambia’s top shelf holds. Your internal issues will always be there. On a platform like this one and an issue like this one. Take the side that favours Yo Boy. Especially when yo Boy is good like Yo boy is. Thanks.

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