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Jemax ft. Izrael & Nalu – Will You Love Me (Remix)


Jemax ft. Izrael & Nalu – Will You Love Me (Remix) ‘Mp3’

Just by the title of the song, you already know that it’s a hit. Nexus Music has done it again!
They may have to hire somebody to say “Another one” at the beginning of their songs because lawd, this song slaps.
Jemax, delivers a flow punchlines and diplomatically seals them with poetic justice.
Take a look at this, “I’m gonna hurt you but not intentionally, you’re my babe.”  
How relatable is this line? We all know it’s impossible to avoid upsetting our loved ones. The realism in Jemax‘s verses is what makes this song an artistic jewel.
Let us not forget the heavenly vocals of Zambia’s power couple. The dual that has no haters. Izrael & Nalu. The passion behind their voices is enough to get you in a good mood and stop that silent treatment you’ve been giving ba bae.
What makes the song exciting is the dance hall beat! Clubs are already playing this jam. It won’t be long before we see TicTok videos of it!
Haven’t yet listened to the song? Download it right here and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be on your feet before the end of the night!

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