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I write to give a comment on the Zambian comedian, Ken Dumbo and Malawian female entertainer, Felistus Nya-uyu Ngwira. This is my opinion, and it can be contrary to some people’s views. We’ve different opinions, that’s what everyone should bear in mind.

It started as a joke, the people of Zambia and Malawi believed them not, and that their relationship was really not serious for them being comedians. The Malawian and Zambian people, found themselves in the position of Thomas the disciple of Jesus who didn’t believe that his Teacher had risen from the dead.
“Until I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my finger into his hands, I won’t believe,” said Thomas, who’s also known as Didymus.

This was people’s talking towards Ken and Nya-uyu Ngwira’s relationship.
Just as Thomas said, “Until I see the nails in his [Jesus] hands…I won’t believe,” did the people say, “Until we see the ring on Nya-uyu Ngwira’s finger, we won’t believe it.”

Just like Jesus appeared to his disciples to clear the doubt which dwelt in Thomas’s heart, who said to him, “Put your finger here… Stop doubting and believe,” Ken was seen put a ring on Nya-uyu’s finger. This ring was seen by the unbelieving Thomases, followers for Ken and Nya-uyu.
“Why do Zambian people always take everything as a joke? Stop doubting and believe,” said Ken to his unbelieving Thomases just as Jesus said to the unbelieving Thomas Didymus.

To not only make them be of the opinion of their relationship, but to also persuade, cause to feel certain and prove to them that he was standing on the mountain of truth, Ken appeared on TV shows, radio stations and social media platforms, to give prominence, accentuation and emphasis to his words; to make what he was doing seem non-fictional, soothing, comforting and touching words of fondness, were deeply expressed both from Nya-uyu and Ken to their fans out of whom dropped tears of pleasure and contentedness. The unbelieving Thomases, now were convinced that their teacher (Ken Dumbo) had risen from the dead (what he was saying was nothing but the truth).

People invested their feelings and emotions into their relationship.

He put a pledge and assurance before them that he would travel to Malawi to see the damsel.

The Malawian damsel came to Zambia to meet the Prince of her heart; the King of the Vilekeke kingdom.

Both Zambian and Malawian people were ready to support these two doves. The people glued to their phone screens to watch these two deers as the damsel of Malawi journeyed to Zambia.

After everything, it was this journey that Ken decided to give it a quit. Why?
“The relationship between Nya-uyu and me was but all comedy because I have a fiancee (here in Zambia). We planned it this way,” said Dumbo.

Are you serious, Ken?

Is this being professional as they call it? Not at all.

Let Ken and Nya-uyu know that the kind of comedy they acted wasn’t comedy. That’s real life, boss.
Announcing that it was comedy even before the Malawian damsel reached her home, proved Ken as immature; really childish. Who does that? I don’t think he informed his fake girlfriend about this. His timing was below par, substandard and poor. They can call this entertainment and professionalism, but it’s not; it’s unprofessional, childishness, clownishness, waggery and silliness.

Are we children? Are people’s hearts toys that in the name of comedy these two can play with their feelings? They should have a higher level of thinking capacity to be able to differentiate between COMEDY and REAL LIFE.

Trust is like a plain paper. When you fold it carelessly and then unfold it, it will never appear the same and like before. This is how people’s trust towards Ken and Nya-uyu has become. It’s really difficulty to take them seriously next time they try a serious stuff.

A cowboy always liked to shout, “It’s Lion! Lion!” When people would run to see the Lion, “Kkkkkk, I was joking,” the cattle keeper would laugh. For many times he did this, and a day a Lion attacked the cattle for real, he tried to shout, “it’s Lion,” but people didn’t go there because they thought he was fooling them as usual.

This is how Ken has placed himself in this cowboy’s position.

If they wanted it to appear somehow professional, they should have told the people saying, “What Nya-uyu and I are going to do is but comedy. Whatever is going to happen between us, let not the people invest their emotions in it, but consider it all comedy.” They could’ve said.
Still people could find them entertaining. At the end of their acting, what was the lesson learnt? Only heartbreak and disappointment— betrayal, treachery, disloyalty and perfidy they offered to the people of Zambiya and Malabi.

Are Nya-Ndumbo’s hearts robots that they can’t develop feelings of affection for each other?
Saying no strings were attached— they didn’t develop any single gleam of love towards each other, not even 0.01% of feelings, is a pure crystal lie; it’s an outward apparel of pretense Ken and Nya-bae are trying to wear to conceal from the public their real affectionate towards each other. If one didn’t fall in love, the other must have fallen for the other.
From the look of things, the lady must have fallen for Ken.

It’s now high time for people to have no grudge towards Nya-Ndumbo. Let’s continue to give them support. Their mistake can not be reversed.
They admitted it and they will never do something as such. And let all actors and actresses, comedians and entertainers learn a lesson.

From Alfred A. Nyambe

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