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Kasama: The youngest Producer alive.

Kasama has great talent comparing to other provinces , and regardless of the critics they receive ,they still go forward without intimidation.After,the programs hosted by a lot of Non- Governmental Organization enlight of Northern Youth Rise and Shine , and the incoming of Hybrid Organization.

17years producer

Kasama based artist/Songwriter/ Producer John Mwenya Mulenga aka FunkFlex has been the youngest producer who has worked a lot of Artist Kasama and Zambia at large , he has worked with artist like Muzo aka Alphonso ,Kabamba ,Fly J, Y Celeb etc and other well known upcoming like Newman , Gersh P aka Mr.Something ,Taikapo ,Firbrazy, Save Gee aka High Corner , etc ,.

The young producer did not want to be in the shadow of his two brothers who have already made a name in the Industry of Kasama Music, his two brothers Maserety and California Music ,have also made a great an impact in the music Industry of Kasama.

In 2016 , thats when he decided to do what he has already wanted to do , after imitating his brothers for a long time , after that he has produced more than 2000 songs , + unleased songs , he was still in school when he developed the talent of producing songs ,but he did not let that fail him , he manageed to be on top and be recognized by every one in the industry.

The 17 years old producer, gave an advice to every upcoming artist out their , that regardless of the background , what matters the most is the struggle you put in as artist , there a lot of youths out there with great talent but still got no access to the studio.

He also furthermore, said , artist should be determined to be at the top of their music career ,because it only takes one hardcore rapper , to be on top in the industry.

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